Recently I was talking with my cousin’s husband (is that a cousin-in-law??) and Jeff mentioned that some of his accounting clients had considered video but were put off by the seeming complexity of it all.

Truth be told, it IS pretty complicated to make a great video. It can be complicated to create the video(s) and it can also be complicated to just figure out how and where to use video in your business. BUT, it should only be challenging for the studio and NEVER you, the client.

I always start by asking you what you want to accomplish in your business. Then I’ll give you my best advice whether video is the most effective way to get you there. If not, we’ll part company but if it is, then we’ll dig a little deeper. Together we’ll find out the very best (highest ROI) ways to use video and also which types of video content will be used at certain points in your business process. Do you need more leads? Do you need a video on your Landing Page to encourage people to actually sign up for your Lead Magnet? Are your customers having trouble when getting started with your product or service and could use some great video content to begin using your product in the most beneficial way? Or do your sales reps need to know the best ways to create personalized videos to help prospects along their buyer’s journey?

There’s a great phrase that Seth Godin uses: “Who’s it for? What’s it for?” This is the approach that professional Designers use to create amazing products or other outcomes and gets to the heart of any creative endeavor. Another way to say this is to “begin with the end in mind” which is from Steven R. Covey’s popular book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

There are a ton of ways to use video in your business and you definitely don’t need to do it all at once. And importantly, not all of your video content needs to be professionally created. Some does, but not all of it.

There normally are a lot of moving parts to using video to market and generate sales for your business, but our clients are never overwhelmed by the process because we do the heavy lifting. We have the knowledge and experience to enable you to be as involved as you like. Don’t know what to film? We do. Don’t know what to say? We do. Don’t know what to do with your video when it’s finished? We do.

Because Video Marketing has been our thing for over a dozen years, we’re able to help our clients get the most out of their investment in video, and in a way that lets them continue to focus on running their business. Yes, it does take some time, but then you have this amazing tool that’s always there helping your company prosper.

If you’ve been considering video for your business, I’d love to talk with you about how it might integrate into your business. Please, visit the website and schedule a time to have a conversation about where you want your business to go.

– Mark




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