We’re all about your business and MOVING + STILL is on a mission to help our clients get the absolute most out of their companies. There’s really nothing like seeing the look of delight on our clients’ faces when we’ve completed a project for them.

We fully believe that the more we focus on our clients, the better it is for everyone. You, us, your clients, employees, vendors, investors and any other stakeholders. It may sound corny, but we feel like we’re making the world a better place.

Because of our unique approach to telling your story in a way that gets customers and prospects to listen to what you have to say,  we know we can get you the business results you’re looking for.

We look forward to connecting with you when you’re ready to move your company forward.

MOVING + STILL Behind the Scenes
St. Louis Business Filmmaker
Mark Zimmerman
Mark Zimmerman - Soccer Geek

What about Mark?

Besides being a complete and total soccer junkie (coached for about 20 years and I still play!), for some reason, I’ve always been fascinated with trying to use both sides of my brain. You know, the “feeling, artistic” Right and the “logical, analytical” Left.   I certainly recall this being a factor when, after getting a degree in Music, I went back to school to get an MBA.

This desire has also lead me to this amazing point in my career where I find myself using both parts of my brain on a daily basis.  The logical analysis of Business Objectives coupled with the creativity of uncovering interesting ways as to how to get there.  The technical rigor of Shutter Speeds, Frame Rates and f-Stops and the artistry of lighting or framing a subject to get the right look.

Am I right for you?

The clients that seem to enjoy working with me are the owners or chief marketers that want to collaborate with an expert that can offer the insights and execution that you really need. You may have strong opinions but want to work with a trusted partner to come up with even better solutions to whatever sales and marketing challenges you’re struggling with right now.

Lastly, you want to collaborate with someone that thinks strategically about your marketing and sales process so that, at the end of the day, you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck.

Let’s put our heads together and get you where you want to be.

Let’s tell your story.

The focus (pun definitely intended) is on figuring out the best way to get your Brand understood using Photography and Video.  These visual elements aren’t just pretty decorations. They have an integral part to play in what your current and prospective customers think about your business.

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