Should you use a professional hair and makeup artist for your headshot session?

The general rule is no if you’re a guy and yes if you’re a woman. But, and there’s always a but. I have photographed plenty of professional women without a stylist. They get themselves looking great beforehand and then touch up when they’re here, on-site. Will your photos look better and will you look more put together when you work with a pro? Yes, yes, you will.

Your profession is also a factor. Some industries tend toward the more stylized and others, not so much. If you’re, say, in the beauty and glamour space, then you’re definitely gonna wanna have professional hair and makeup. If you’re, say, a mechanical engineer, then a more muted, yet put together look, will probably be best.

It also depends on the professional look that you’re after and the reason you’re getting your updated headshot photo in the first place. If you need a simple headshot for LinkedIn and aren’t really trying to develop your personal brand, then you can do without.

Most photographers can either hire the hair and makeup artist for you or make a recommendation and they can be on-site, which is preferred, or you can visit them on your way to your photography session. If you’re in an industry where it’s absolutely critical that you’re sharp as a tack, let’s make sure that we get a great hair and makeup artist onboard, so that you’re gonna look your very best.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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