What’s the right background for my headshots?



What’s the right background for my headshots? And yeah, that’s a thing too.

There are a few great choices and each has their own merits. It’s all about the look you’re going for. So let’s discuss.

Pure white backgrounds are clean, modern and minimalist but maybe to stark for some.

Dark gray backgrounds are more luxurious yet modern and minimalist, but maybe too plain for some.

Black backgrounds can be super elegant or moody and might be perfect or just a bit too much.

Workplace backgrounds, where we’re shooting at your office or place a business, these are my personal favorite. They’re visually interesting, and at the same time, put you in your work environment. So it gives people a lot more clarity about what you do.

Abstract environmental backgrounds, in these headshots the background is super blurry and is more about creating a mood or artistic effect, or is necessary because the background where we’re at is ugly. These are also a favorite and can be simply beautiful.

Really good photographers can also use Photoshop to change out the backgrounds for you, if needed. It can make for a quicker headshot session, since you can often shoot in one location, but make it look like you went to several.

Other colored backgrounds can certainly be used, but are not as popular at the moment, with the exception being that if your brand features a specific color, then a headshot with that color, maybe pink or lime green might be just what the doctor ordered.

And please do not have your photo taken in front of that classic marbled background, blue and usually with some white in there. It’s just nasty and so dated. And so be careful of that.

Now, you know that backgrounds make a difference and set the tone for your personal brand. White and gray backgrounds are popular now, and Photoshopped backgrounds work great, but they’ve gotta be done right. If you need to update your personal image for either you or your team, get in touch right away, and we’ll make sure that you’re making the strongest possible connection with your tribe. Thanks, and we’ll see you next time.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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