How to Use Video in Your Business



Two business pros, one an owner and the other a part of a marketing team, tell us how they use video in their companies.


The videos live on our website it’s an opportunity to tell the story in a different way, in a more visual way,In a more proactive way, versus just reading, about our company you can actually see it and through the video you can, feel how our company operates you can see the employees working you can see the testimonials from customers and get a true insight into what the company is versus just reading, about it in content.

We have done quite a few videos on different topics at the company and you know, in most cases those topics are pretty specific.We do have a brand video in addition to some other different product solution type videos that explain the different services that, we provide to healthcare providers and we actually have some award videos as well, but we really do try to share as much as we can using video because it really does make it so much simpler to explain our business and why you need to use our business.

I hope that hearing directly from marketers that are using video to grow their, business will help you think more clearly about how you might use video in your business too. We know video works and we work really hard for each of our clients to make sure that it works for them, too. Send me a note or give me a call. I’d love to discuss with you exactly how, video can, energize your brand, too.

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