How to Keep Your Team Photo Up to Date

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“Tina, should we think about updating our team photo? Peter hasn’t been here for about 2 years.”

Team Photos are important. They’re a great way to show the world your people and your culture, while enhancing trust and unity. Unity towards your clients and toward your co-workers.

But, there’s a problem with Team Photos… what if your team changes?


Well, of course, you have options:


Option 1.) Just take it down.

Remove it from your website and social media. It was great for a fleeting moment, but yeah, we’ve moved on.


Option 2.) Just leave up the old one.

Who’s gonna notice anyway? Well, your own team will notice for sure.


Option 3.) Have a new Team Photo session when there’s a change.

All you have to do is get everyone’s calendar in synch, which is normally super-easy, and then pay the photographer for a completely new session… every single time your people change. Yes, that was sarcasm. 😉


Option 4.) The easy way.

Bring me in to set up a Team Photo SYSTEM that’s easy and stress free for you.


Here’s how it works:


  • I photograph everyone INDIVIDUALLY. Then using some Photoshop wizardry, I create a Team Photo for you. It will look like we took group photo.
  • When someone comes or goes, I either photograph the new person (they’re going to need an updated headshot anyway) or simply (digitally in Photoshop) remove the person that left.


Now, you always have an up-to-date Team Photo to show your clients, prospects and your team, that you’re a single, cohesive group.

Now it’s easy for you and your crew, right?

Get in touch to get started today.

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