What if you’re nervous or

simply don’t like getting photographed?


I don’t really like getting

photographed either,

so I feel your pain.


I tell my client,

who’s in front of the camera

to pretend like they’re an actor

and they’re either on a photoshoot

or in front of the camera,

getting ready to play a part

in a movie.


That particular character

is super confident,

it’s kinda a way to step outside

of yourself a little bit,

might be kind of fun for you,

but it usually gets my clients

to bring all the

confidence that they need.


So however you get to confident

we need you to get there

and I’ll help you with it

in front of the camera.


I want you to own this experience,

own what you’re wearing,

own your skillset,

so that when people look at your photo,

they know you can do the job.


But there’s the other side,

you also wanna look approachable, likable,

and the way to do that

is usually with a smile.


You wanna let people know that

you’d be great to work with;

competent, confident, and approachable.


That’s usually the best starting point

for most professional headshots.


Practicing really helps too.


So spend a couple of minutes

in front of a mirror,


Competent, confident, and approachable.


Remember, it’s all about

you and your personal brand.


Whichever photographer you use,

they should be asking

you questions up front

to find out the exact style of photos

that you’re looking for

so that you end up with

exactly what you need.

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