Are Stock Photos okay to Use on my Website?

There are definitely times when it’s okay to use Stock Photography.  Coming from a professional photographer this may surprise you to hear me say that, but in addition to being a creative photographer, I’m also a business person. A practical business person that has a bunch of stuff to do. Now.

For example, on certain blog posts that are about ideas or tips that I have, stock photos can help me tell that story. They are NOT used to tell people about me or my Brand and that’s the difference. The image that accompanies this post was purchased from a stock photo site but there are free sites out there, too. Here’s a list of 21 Free Photo sites for you to check out by Hootsuite:

If, on your Blog, you’re trying to make a point about someone having their head in the sand and you don’t happen to have time to go and create a photo of an ostrich, then I think it’s okay to use a stock image of said ostrich.

However, if you’re trying to tell people your story; communicate your Brand, then I think you need original photos that show prospects what YOU can do and how they’ll feel when YOU solve their problem.

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