When it comes to Inbound Marketing, one of the primary mantras is “help your prospect or customer be better at their job (B2B) or be better at life (B2C). The images you use can help clarify what you’re trying to say or they could be used to simply get attention. However, one of the best ways to use photography in your Inbound Marketing content is to create unique images that capture the emotion that you’re addressing.

An example might be for an Auto Repair company where you create a Blog Post giving them “5 Ways to Save Money on Auto Repairs.” At the beginning of the Post, you would have a photograph of a stressed-out mom with her looking at a big stack of bills coming due (this is the pain) and then at the end of the Post, you would show an image of the Technician handing off the keys to that now happy, smiling mom. Simple right, but it tells the story: we understand the pain of paying for car repairs and we know that one of our jobs is to minimize your costs while at the same time keeping you safe and happy.

It’s not too complicated but it does require a little planning upfront.

As the Business Owner or Chief Marketer, you could begin to compile a list (I use Google Keep) of photos that you think you might need over the next 6 months or year. This way you’ll be able to minimize your investment in photography because your simply handing a Shot List to the Photography for them to execute as opposed to having them come up with all the ideas for the shots on their own. The photographer can work more quickly and you’ll get more shots that you will actually use all while spending less.



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