Remote Selling is Now a Requirement if you want to Grow


For years now, prospects more often want to do their own research and that leads us to the Content Marketing revolution over the last decade or so. With or without travel restrictions and social distancing, potential buyers are ever more resistant to seeing Sales Reps in person.

Let’s make it easy for your potential buyers to take themselves along their own, unique Buyer’s Journey so they can get the info they need and when the time is right along their journey, they can work with a virtual Sales Rep to work out the details and finalize the sale.

Keep your company moving forward with the right sales and marketing information. Info that will enable the prospect to take themselves through much of the Buyer’s Journey. Info like Spec Sheets, White Papers are certainly helpful but a compelling video Product Demo or Case Study might just be what the prospect needs to sell their own internal team on the benefits of your product or service.

I like to think of if as a Customer Service type of thing where you’re making it drop-dead simple for the prospect to make the decision to buy.

With this approach, you’re Sales Reps are taking interested people, warm leads if you will, over the finish line during their Zoom call. They’re more efficient and you’re company is generating revenue with a quicker sales cycle.

Here’s a link to the Buyer’s Journey from HubSpot: “The Buyer’s Journey”

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