A big shout-out to Doug Martin, Co-Owner of Treat Planet. Super great guy and a super great company. If you have a dog or cat, you should definitely check out their treats in pet retailers near you. They have several brands and here’s a link to their website to take a look: https://www.treatplanet.com






Having a reliable professional to handle all of your photo and video needs is the way to go.








As a company that has a lot of marketing initiatives going on, we’re doing a color catalog every year, we’re doing website updates. And right now, with COVID, I mean really focusing on your website and making sure that you’re everything explained about your product, that you have great pictures to really sell your product, to have videos to supplement that, and you start looking at all these different pieces, it can be kind of overwhelming in many times for a company unless you have a huge staff, which we don’t have a huge staff to know who to go to.


And you don’t want to bring several people in. And so we have a lot of need many times for pictures, a lot of needs for videos. And then sometimes you’re combining the two into the technology. And it’s been great to have one source to be able to do that for us. And it’s great for a bunch of reasons. One, you don’t have to forget who to call two, the world’s based on relationships. And those relationships go both ways.




We know the person that we call and totally understands us as a company, they understand our story behind us because they did all these videos for us. They understand how important our products are to us because they helped us develop these stories. So when we call to ask for something simple like a picture, they understand why that picture is so important for us. And we’ll probably see things in that picture that somebody else that just came into the picture probably didn’t see.


And so we think there’s a lot of benefits available to have one person to call to really do all of your video photo needs for you and help put all that together.








Mark Zimmerman





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