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Video that Helps Your Website Visitors

It’s easy to expect the people that visit our website to be able to read our minds or know what we know. But, there are often lots of places on our websites where friction happens and that can cause us to miss out on getting the results we want for our organization.



A really fun and unusual way to use video in your business is when you’re asking someone to do something on your website. A good example is if you want someone to schedule a Discovery Call so you can talk to them about their needs.

Many companies are very matter of fact about this book-a-call request, because they already know what happens during the call, but your prospects don’t, and it’s probably a little intimidating. A good way to soften this up and motivate them to go through with it is to add a short video that explains your process. This also happens to be a great place for a do-it-yourself video with your phone. So if you’re so inclined, go for it. Here’s mine.

Okay, you’re probably asking yourself, what will happen if I click the button to schedule a discovery call? You may also be wondering why that’s important. Well, here’s the why. It’ll help make our first conversation a lot more productive, it will help me understand where you’re coming from, and it will help me to get you the results you crave. And here’s the how it works part.

First, you’ll pick a time that works for you, then you’ll enter in your contact info so I can call you for our discovery session. You’ll answer a few very basic questions on the scheduling page, then you’ll get an email confirmation.

During our conversation, you get to talk about your business, and for most people, that’s a pretty fun thing to do. I’ll ask you some questions and then I’ll listen. I’m a really good listener. We’ll be sure to cover everything you want to cover even if it’s only indirectly related to our main topic. I wanna make sure that you are heard and understood. This helps me help you in the most effective way possible.

If you have some numbers or other data you wanna share, by all means bring that to the party, but you don’t have to prepare a thing other than having a general idea of the outcomes you’re looking to achieve. Really looking forward to talking with you.

Okay, so this sort of video helps your prospect get acquainted with you and your style and takes away the mystery. I’d recommend testing it out on your website to see if you get a bump in appointments.

That’s it for now. See you next time.

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