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What STYLE of Headshot Photo do you need?

What style of headshot do you need?


And yes, there are different styles.


You can have a dark and dramatic look versus crisp, clean and bright, for example. This is more about lighting and the general mood of your portrait, and not so much about your personal look or style of clothing.


But of course, those two should work together.


What do you want to tell the people that look at your headshot


that you’re exciting or fun to work with, just plain silly?


Or that you’re the person to trust with their money.


That you take a no b.s. approach to your work. That you’re in the business of making someone feel better about themselves.


It’s all about communicating and setting the stage.


The headshot style that’s right for you is personal, and it’s got to fit your work.


So think about how you want people to think and feel after they look at your photo.


A great photographer will be able to select the right lighting, camera gear, and background.


Most importantly, a great photographer will be able to help you think through the types or styles of photos that you need and to help you create them with skilled direction before and during your shoot.


This way, you’ll end up with photos that will help people understand who you are and what you’re all about in a clear and effective way.


I really hope these insights help you connect better online.

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