Why Use Video in Your Business?



In this short video, two veteran business marketers discuss why they decided to use video to market their business.




Mostly because we have a complex business concept it’s difficult for people to understand just from written text what TAGG Logistics is all about and so we thought about explaining it in multiple ways.

One is having contact context over what TAGG is about, paragraphs and sentences this is what we do. The other was listing what we do, so coming up with a top 10 reasons to choose TAGG, a top 10 reasons

to do business with us but then the third piece was to show what we do and showing what we do is very hard online if you’re outside of the video. You can do pictures but those are static. Video shows packages rolling down a conveyor belt, it shows people taping boxes, moving, it gives that sense of movement in our business and fluidity that doesn’t exist if just if it’s just content.

As a marketer it’s even more important today to use video than ever before. I mean I think we all have seen the studies that people’s attention spans are dwindling every year and we we also know that especially the youth you know video is where it’s at. I mean the number two search engine is YouTube so I think that really speaks to how important video is and I mean video is fun right!

It’s it’s a great way to learn about different topics, you can be entertained, you can be educated and it’s it’s one of those things that appeals to I think all different audiences and really no matter what business you’re in you can use video in some way to share your story about a product, about your business and

you’ll be able to use Mark to help get across the right message and in the budget that you actually need that works for your business.

I hope that hearing directly from marketers that are using video to grow their business will help you think more clearly about how you might use video in your business, too. We know video works and we work really hard for each of our clients to make sure know video works and we work really hard for each of our clients to make sure that it works for them, too.

Send me a note or give me a call; I’d love to discuss with you exactly how video can energize your brand, too.

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