Zoom Tip: Look like the star that you are on your next Zoom call.


In your next online meeting, let’s make sure that you look like the star that you are.

When it comes to what you wear during the videos. I would definitely recommend wearing clothes. I know on the zoom calls, it’s pretty chill because we’re all working at home and everybody knows that, but you do wanna at least be presentable on the top half of your body.

In addition to making yourself look presentable, you might wanna sit up in your chair, it looks a little bit better. Just like your mom said, “stand up straight, young man.” Seriously though, it does look better. I’d like to be able to give you some really good information about doing your hair and makeup, so that you pop on the screen, but I have no freaking idea what that entails.

I will though, give you one excellent tip that will make you look better on camera guaranteed, and that is to move that camera back a foot or two.

I really hope these insights help you rock your next online meeting. See you next time.

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