Make sure people can hear you on your next Zoom call.



Let’s make sure you sound as clear as a bell in your next online meeting.

We want to make sure that you sound great. Make sure you’re close to the microphone. If it’s on your camera or if it’s on your laptop, then you’ll wanna be within about an arms distance or so. If you’re considering upgrading your microphone, which I recommend, if you’re gonna be doing this for a while and we very well may be, doing these remote calls for a while. I would recommend getting an upgraded mic of some sort.

You can get what’s called a USB mic that the most popular one of those is called the Yeti. That’s made by Blue. So it’s Blue Yeti. They’re a little bit more than a hundred bucks. One good option is to use a lavalier, lav or lapel mic. That’s the mic that you see stuck onto somebody’s lapel and these work fantastic. You can get them in two flavors, wireless or wired. The wired type has a microphone and it’s connected to this wire and that wire goes from this mic all the way to whatever you’re recording on.

If you’re using a wireless lavalier, then this unit attaches to your body. You could wear this. Usually it’s, you may have seen that on the back of somebody. You could roam around the room that way, if you’re so inclined during your zoom meeting. And that will still transmit the signal to the receiver which is connected to your phone or laptop. You don’t need to wear it right here. You could actually put it down on a table and just kind of prop it up, make sure it’s about a foot or so away from your face at most. These are really pretty easy and they’re pretty cheap, easily under a hundred bucks. Many good ones, under 50 bucks. The cool thing about this is while it is a little distracting and I typically don’t use these on my professional shoots, it’s perfectly suitable for a zoom call. It’s gonna give you a lot better sound. Folks will be able to hear you a lot more clearly.

Sound is so important to your videos in general and your zoom meetings, so make sure that you make every effort to get some good quality sound.

I really hope these insights help you rock your next online meeting. See you next time.

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