How do I make sure people can see me during my next Zoom call?



Let’s make sure your next online meeting is lit, properly. When it comes to lighting, you can use just about any sort of light. As long as it’s kinda big and gets on your face. Pretty simple, right now, I’m using the natural light from the window. It’s pretty cloudy outside later in the afternoon, not super bright, but very sufficient for what you’re gonna be doing on your zoom calls. You just need to make sure that you have more light on your face than on the background.

When you’re filming with your phone or a laptop, it’s an automatic mode and it’s gonna search for what it thinks is the subject of the frame. So light is a really good indicator of importance whenever you’re shooting something, so whatever’s bright in that frame is gonna be captured and focused on by your automated camera. Well, if the background is too bright compared to your face, that’s a problem. It’s gonna think the background is now the subject. And it’s gonna adjust its internal sensors and all that good stuff in there to focus for the background. Not such a good look for you because you’re now a silhouette and that can’t possibly be your best look. Plus we’re gonna miss those sparkling eyes.

If you don’t have access to a window, for example, in your downstairs office or whatever. You may need to invest in a light. In this case, you could use something like this. This is a ring light ’cause it’s shaped like a ring, which is about a hundred bucks and it works great. Now this one, you’ll need a little light stand. You can buy them with that, no problem. Actually very helpful because not only is it nice and soft and diffuse, which looks good in your face, but it also, is variable, meaning the amount of light that it puts out is adjustable. And this one happens to have another feature called Bi-Color, meaning that it can go from a bright sunlight, light temperature to a softer, more golden look for the light. And that golden look, that orangish look like you would find on an old incandescent bulb is a little bit more pleasing on a face. So regardless of your skin color, it’s gonna look better no matter what, if you use that golden light from an incandescent bulb or a bi-color light.

Or if you don’t have a fancy ring light, don’t wanna invest in one, then you probably have a lamp in your house somewhere. So you could use that. A lamp with its shade is actually gonna be a very nice look for putting it on your face because the light will be diffused by going through the shade. The very most important thing to remember when you’re filming with your automated camera, whether it’s on your smartphone or on your laptop, is to make sure you have some light, whether it’s from a window or a lamp or a ring light or whatever you have, make sure you have some light on your face. That way you’re helping the camera figure out what’s the most important thing in the frame and it will be able to do its magic.

So make sure that you have some light on your face.

I really hope these insights help you rock your next online meeting. See you next time.

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