Zoom Tips: How & Why to make great Eye Contact on your next online call.



Let’s help you make a great connection in your next online meeting with some good old fashioned eye to eye contact.

One important thing to try to remember to do when you’re on a zoom call is to look at the lens of your laptop or phone instead of the screen where all the faces are. So if we look at this laptop in this area here, that would be where all the faces are including your own. And it’s very easy to focus your attention on there ’cause we naturally as humans gravitate towards looking at other humans faces. That’s just how we are. But what we really want you to do is to look at the lens and it’s a little challenging, definitely. But if you can do that, you’re gonna get that same sort of eye to eye contact that you would be able to get in person.

So it’s gonna give your audience the rest of the folks in the meeting, whether that’s your colleagues or a sales prospect, a lot better connection with you, when you look at the lens. So always try to do that. I really hope these insights help you rock your next online meeting. See you next time.

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