Where’s the right place to put your camera when your doing an online meeting?

Using Zoom? Well, here’s another quick bit of info on how the right camera angle will give you a MUCH more flattering look.


Let’s make sure you don’t look like an ogre in your next online meeting. A lot of times when you see zoom calls, people are looking down at their laptop camera or a phone that’s on a book or on a maybe a little stand or something like that. That is not a good look. We’re gonna get a great view of whatever chins you have. We’ll be able to count them during the meeting, so that’ll be fun. But we’ll also get a great look at your nostrils. So if we can avoid that by putting the camera, whatever camera you have up a little higher, you’re gonna be golden. I really hope these insights help you rock your next online meeting. See you next time.

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