What’s Our “Why”

A touching story that shows the “Why” for Intalere’s associates, clients, and vendors.


  • Client: Intalere
  • Project Type: “Our Why” Video

About this Project

Kelly Wisness (Intalere’s Sr. Director of Marketing) and I were finishing up an interview session with some of her colleagues and I suggested the idea of creating a video that would help the associates of Intalere fully grasp the impact they have in doing their work. In other words, a video that explained the “why” of Intalere’s role in healthcare.

Whe knew that it would involve the recreation of the birth of a child in the parking lot of a hospital!

Our Why

“Our Why video is the best piece of marketing content we’ve created since I’ve been here.”

 – Julius Heil, CEO

Creating their “Our Why” video enabled them to spread the word about why it is they do what they do. This is important for clients, vendors and other stakeholders, but one of the biggest benefits was showing it to the associates of Intalere.

Imagine the motivational power in a story about how the work that you do, even though it may seem insignificant sometimes, is vitally important to your clients, in this case to the hospitals that Intalere served.

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Our Why

Once I had mentioned the idea of an Our Why video to Kelly, she immediately recalled a story she had read in the company newsletter and that became the basis of the story we told.

We flew out to Salt Lake City to film and put it all together.

The story was personal and intimate (about the birth of a child of one of the Intalere associates) and dovetailed perfectly with the Why of Intalere’s core business of healthcare supply chain optimization.

More “Hollywood” than usual

A really fun aspect of creating this video is that we re-created the key scene in the family’s story: giving birth in the parking lot of the hospital! (Yes, they just couldn’t quite make it inside because that little guy just had to see the world NOW!)

We used no actors and instead relied on the people that lived the story. And, with a little coaching they performed phenominally. My hat is off to every single Intalere associate that was involved, including the family’s terrific kids.


Do you know your organization’s Why?

If not, we can help you get to the core emotional issues that you are helping your clients with. If you’ve heard of Simon Sinek’s books on the topic, then you know that your Why is not “What” you do or “How” you do it. It’s a deeper, more emotional, examination.

It makes a ton of sense to create an Our Why video because whenever we are talking about emotions, video is the absolute best way to convey your story… the story of Why it is that you do what you do.

Emotional storytelling is a catalyst in life and in marketing so whenever you can harness it, you’ll be able to make things happen for your organization.

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Our Why
Our Why
Our Why