Zoom Tips

Get the most out of your next Zoom (or Teams, etc.) call.

Better Zoom calls lead to better results. 

Remote Selling has been building for several years and the pandemic lit a fire under it.

As we move to a post-pandemic world more and more organizations will embrace Remote Selling, for at least a part of their sales process, because it works.

Lighting is one of the MOST important things to get right on your Zoom calls.

  • Get more light on your face than on the background.
  • The bigger the source of light (window vs. flashlight) the better.


Your audio is super important when on a Virtual Call.

  • A USB Microphone is going to work great
  • A Lav (Lavalier, or lapel) mic is a good option, too
  • The mic on your laptop or phone is usually good enough for informal videos

Where’s the best place to put your camera?

  • Move the camera to your eye level or just a little bit above.

… That is, unless you want people to count your double chins during your call. lol

How can I make it look like we’re sitting across the table from each other?

  • Move the camera up and down or back and forth so that when you’re on the call, it seems to the other person that you’re sitting across the table from them.

Make a great connection with eye contact on your next Zoom call.

  • If you look at the faces on the screen, you’ll seem aloof or not interested in what’s going on in the call. 
  • So, look at the LENS on your device. It will seem awkward but it’s the best way to make a great connection.

How to avoid Raccoon Eyes on your Zoom calls.

  • We get Raccoon Eyes when there’s a strong light directly over your head.
  • Move yourself or move the light so that you get more light on your face than the top of your head.

Present your best professional self during your Zoom calls.

  • Just like for an in-person meeting, wear the right clothing when on a Zoom call.
  • Check your posture and give some energy to get the best results for your Zoom call.

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